The goals of sustainable mobility and the effects of urbanisation and their densification projects require the restructuring of many built-up streets. At the same time, there is an increasing focus on the pleasantness, accessibility and safety of streets and public areas. Long transport vehicles present new challenges for transport planning and dimensioning in the road and street network. Changes in the road traffic act (729/2018) affect all of us. 

Sharing street space requires even closer coordination 

Efforts are being made to improve the cycling infrastructure in Finnish municipalities to ensure sustainable mobility. The main means of promoting cycling is undoubtedly the improvement of cycling infrastructure. In addition to making areas more pleasant, intermediate lanes, peripheral areas and street greenery are also increasingly used in handling storm water. An increasing number of functions require their own space.  

In a limited street space, the reconciliation of surface traffic, parking and street greenery often presents challenges. An additional challenge in dense urban environments is the integration of multiple kinds of municipal technology underground. As a consequence of urbanisation, cooperation and coordination in planning and building are becoming increasingly important. We offer innovative solutions for sharing street space from each customer’s starting points. Our multidisciplinary expertise enables us to develop high-quality and lasting solutions to challenges. 

Infrastructure renovations for planned repair deficits management 

The ageing of the street network, as with the ageing of the transport network throughout the country, affects municipalities of all sizes. The street service level no longer matches needs, and streets often freeze, making maintenance difficult, or storm water enters properties and causes problems. In such situations, renovations are required. 

Assessing the amount of repair deficits in municipalities is only the first step in genuinely managing repair deficits. However, through the planned renovation of infrastructure, good management of the repair deficit is possible. In the renovation work, the integration of the streets with the properties bordering the street areas is particularly important, and implementation is difficult, because streets are usually open to traffic during the construction phase. We are highly skilled in the planning of renovations and all the necessary special arrangements.  

We provide street, road and regional planning from project planning to work-phase planning. We have extensive expertise in master plans, and street and building plans. We also draw on our other extensive expertise case-specifically in our projects, including in areas such as land use, water management, geoengineering and landscape planning. 

Up-to-date traffic planning 

Due to a number of different factors, the traffic environment is changing. These change factors include urbanisation, climate change, new energy solutions and digitalisation, as well as changes in human values and attitudes. At FCG, we meet the challenges of mobility and traffic planning with sustainable and safe design solutions.  

Our multidisciplinary planning expertise extends from strategic land use traffic planning to detailed traffic plans and surveys. Our core competence is land use traffic planning, traffic surveys of various sorts, traffic control planning and sustainable mobility.  To ensure the operation of transport, we prepare traffic functionality inspections. 

For more detailed traffic planning services, we offer solutions to the needs of both the route network and field and yard areas. In traffic surveys, we coordinate different modes of transport, taking into account the other functions of each planning project with its unique requirements. 

Recent new openings are the need to update traffic guidance and road markings as required by the new road transport act (729/2018). Upgrading road signs and road markings is a nationwide challenge for many years ahead, and we offer our transport planning expertise in this area.  

Another new opening is our close involvement in solving the challenges brought by high-capacity transport (HCT). Changes are made in the dimensioning of routes as we prepare for the generalisation of HCT. An increasing number of road and street interfaces and yard areas need upgrading. We offer inspections of interface dimensioning and cost-effective solutions for the necessary changes. 

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