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Real estate and construction

We spend much of our time indoors. It is therefore important that buildings are properly constructed, are pleasant to live, study and work in and are designed for the future – with good-quality indoor air as a top priority. Functional, modern building technology can create comfort and pleasantness in addition to bringing significant cost savings.

Quality the main criterion in the planning of building technology

Investing in the planning of building technology is a starting point for successful construction.

A carefully designed building will be safe, healthy and functional – for decades.

Whether it is a new building or an existing one, the design of building technology requires innovation and alternative solutions. It is also important to deal with the plan as a whole and to take the effects of possible changes into account. The support of building technology professionals in design work ensures a high-quality all-round result. 

Building technology services from the ground up

We offer building technology services as well as overall design, covering areas such as heating, plumbing and ventilation, electrical and building automation design and individual design areas according to customer needs. We are involved in the construction of new and renovated offices and schools, including decor and architectural design. We handle building technology projects such as the planning of heating, plumbing, ventilation and automation, structural technology, electricity, telecommunications and lighting design. 

The most important goals of our design processes are to achieve a high level of quality in terms of architecture and cityscape, build functional and lively spaces and maintain ecological sustainability and customer satisfaction. One of our key areas of expertise is building health and the indoor climate.

Successful renovation of buildings and the elimination of indoor air problems require expertise at all stages of the project, from ordering condition surveys to the control and follow-up of the repair work. We offer a holistic service to solve indoor air problems and to help to create a good indoor climate for new construction and to prevent moisture damage.

Among the building design services we offer are the following: 

  • Architecture services 
  • Heating, plumbing and ventilation design
  • Building automation design
  • Structural design
  • Interior design
  • Electrical design
  • Lighting design
  • Building information modeling (BIM)

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