The pace of urbanisation is accelerating, both in Finland and the rest of the world. Urban planning must look to the future and take account of the changing world and the challenges it brings. Future cities are designed with human needs foremost in mind.

Future cities are smart

Smart City and other smart city development themes are part of the strategies and development activities of many Finnish towns and cities. When establishing new districts or towns, it is natural to consider the direction in which technology is developing. In fact, our towns and cities are already smart in many different ways. In Finland we are accustomed to the fact that infrastructure, such as electricity, water and waste systems, work well and are reliable. 

Smart urban development means harnessing new technologies and innovative applications and methods to promote sustainable and open urban development and service infrastructure.

One key goal is to improve the quality of life in towns and cities. Smart City themes often also include user-oriented service development, in which residents are involved in designing services provided by the city, for example for traffic and mobility, waste management or information sharing.

Towards better-functioning urban development

New innovations are constantly shaping the cities of the future. We are on the crest of a wave of development in designing smart traffic and smart towns and cities. We make plans and studies on the starting points for sustainable development, drawing on our extensive expertise in areas such as infrastructure and building technology. Service design is a means of accommodating customers’ needs in design work and combining technical knowledge and user information from the environment. 

We offer holistic urban planning services ranging from urban architecture and land use plans to landscape design and research and development projects. We make use of urban modelling to produce illustrative material at different stages of planning projects in order to ensure the success of interactive planning.

Find out how we designed and data-modelled the construction of an eco-friendly residential quarter in the city of Wujin in China, and how we explored how Helsinki’s underground spaces could be incorporated into a pedestrian-friendly city centre and how urban planning can make use of gamification. 

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