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Architecture services

The sooner architectural design is made part of construction projects, the greater and more visible the benefits of the service are. Although the vast majority of the work is digital, the most important thing is the idea gathering and site design as a whole to ensure functionality and user-friendliness. The experience and professionalism of the designers and a customer-oriented approach are highlighted in this process.  

Diverse architectural planning services – including internationally 

The most important goals of our architectural processes are to achieve a high level of quality in terms of architecture and cityscape, build functional and lively spaces, and maintain ecological sustainability and customer satisfaction. We work with customers and users to ensure that the results are high quality and mutually accepted by all parties.  

Based on data models, our comprehensive design processes are aimed at building solutions that follow the principles of sustainable development at both the building and area levels, as well as to develop unique and individual solutions that originate from the local spirit and values. 

Our architect services specialists have solid expertise in building design, renovation, interior design, service design, landscape design, planning, and urban planning and research. We employ an interdisciplinary expert group of architects, interior architects, landscape architects, design horticulturalists, planning geographers, geodata specialists and surveying engineers, as well as experts in heating, plumbing and ventilation, and infrastructure and building technology.  

Spearhead projects in architectural services: new learning environments, property development and urban planning 

In interior design and service design projects in learning environments, a transition is made to holistic spatial thinking, highlighting the relationship between space and furnishings for different learning situations. Working methods and facilities must enable wide-ranging learning modules, functionality, mobility and play. The diversity of the activities is reflected in the facilities, furnishings, surface materials and lighting. In each project, we aim for a distinctive overall atmosphere, which is created from good space dimensioning, carefully selected materials and finished details. 

Pleasant, modern and functional facilities create a vibrant atmosphere and contribute to a positive collective spirit. 

Building development projects extend from the district or quarter level to the assessment of the reuse of buildings in individual plots and of market value.  The aim is to refine property in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, either from undeveloped land or in an already built environment, to enable new functionalities through architectural and cost-conscious development plans. In this work, we are supported by FCG’s property development specialists and partners.  

In urban planning, we strive to find sustainable solutions and create an aesthetic and structurally high-quality urban and residential environment. The scale varies from the regional level to plot use planning, and a layout of quarters and buildings that complements the urban environment. 

We work to be pioneers in exploring new opportunities for the circular economy, including in area planning. In planning processes, we involve residents and other stakeholders in the planning as necessary. Co-development is an ongoing process covering all the stakeholders in the project.   

Landscape design solutions can reduce the impacts of climate change and support the circular economy 

In landscape design, we seek an appropriate look, and suitable functions and solutions that emphasise the nature of the space in question. We offer solutions that reduce the impacts of climate change and support the circular economy. We also accommodate the needs of different kinds of user and users of different ages.  

Our design team consists of landscape architects, design horticulturalists and milieu designers. In addition to experienced project managers, our team includes young designers whose strengths and fresh ideas are used in different kinds of project. We have the skills needed to design a good environment. User-oriented design is an integral part of our design process.


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