Everyone should have the right to a clean and diverse environment, and to enjoy nature and landscapes. The historical layers of our culture and landscape create depth and give a place its distinctive spirit. The landscape is all around us – it affects our activities, our thinking and our state of mind. 

Landscape planning solutions for sustainable development 

As living standards continue to improve and the climate change debate continues, more attention is being paid to the value of landscapes. We study and offer solutions that reduce the impacts of climate change and support the circular economy. Our design process involves selecting an appropriate layout for the site, suitable activities, as well as plants, structures and furnishings that highlight the particular spirit of the the site. In landscape design, we consider the needs of users of different ages and characteristics for comfort, safety and functionality.  

A well-designed environment provides memorable and aesthetic experiences and encourages physical activities. 

Cost awareness is an important part of design work. In recent years, we have developed our expertise in sustainable and climate-conscious design, including green space plans for the management of storm water, eco-friendly building sites and wind power projects. 

The design process is supported by building information modelling, which helps find the right solutions for difficult terrain, developing an understanding of space and scale, and facilitating the construction phase. We are able to produce impressive visualisation materials, including realistic videos. 

Multi-sector expertise and creative landscape design 

We prefer to work in multidisciplinary working groups to jointly outline the different elements of the whole project. Through creative solutions, we strive for a sustainable, functional, inspiring and pleasant environment. 

Our landscape design team includes landscape architects, design horticulturalists and milieu designers. In addition to experienced project managers, our team includes young designers with different strengths and fresh ideas. The planning team is complemented by experts from various sectors. Through multidisciplinary efforts, we strive to find solutions to our customers’ problems, discover future challenges and understand change. User-oriented design is an integral part of the design process. 

Our landscape design expertise covers the entire field of landscape design, from various reports to master plans, construction plans and construction supervision: 

  • Landscape reports and designs 
  • Landscape management and development plans  
  • Green and recreational area design  
  • Sports park designs
  • Park design 
  • Yard design and environmental design of public buildings 
  • Urban design and street design
  • Landscaping supervision and landscape maintenance supervision
  • Route architecture and the environmental design of road areas