The vitality and competitiveness of Finnish municipalities is important for the whole country. At their best, vibrant municipalities are an attractive and supportive environment for both people and businesses, and they are attractive to tourism.

The importance of sustainable development increases with tourism

Growth in tourism brings new needs for land use planning—and for assessing the impact of planning. Tourism should bring economic prosperity and employment as well as environmental and socio-cultural sustainability, including over the long term. Tourists should also feel welcome and get value for their money and have their expectations met. 

Boosting competitiveness through the development of tourism

Our experts help development organisations and businesses to find new sources of growth and vitality.

We are responding to the challenges of a changing environment by developing new activities, for example in former garrisons and factory environments. 

We have extensive experience in increasing the vitality and competitiveness of municipalities through the development of tourism. Among other things, we have developed a tourism development plan for Levi, assessed the impact of the Kimola canal on tourism, employment and tax revenues and carried out several tourism income and employment studies. 

We offer real estate tax surveys, where we evaluate the municipal building database. Correcting errors and bringing missing buildings within the scope of property taxation will significantly increase municipal property tax revenues and also lead to equal tax treatment for property owners.

Our diverse range of surveys also includes retail and market surveys, such as the commercial assessment and impact assessment of the Karsikko hypermarket in Joensuu. Our services also include profitability surveys of investments as well as project and financial services. Amongst other endeavours, we have carried out an economic impact assessment of the Hernesaari marina and water sports centre in Helsinki, evaluating the impact of competitions and other events to be held in them on the city’s economy, business life and image.

Information on the economic benefits of the location or investment in a business can be obtained easily and quickly, for example using the SYVA model (an impact assessment of the company’s impact on the regional economy). The model can also be used for assessing the effects of zoning and provides concrete answers through clear figures.

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