Does your organisation have good projects or essential development needs that are under threat due to a lack of employees or funding? Are you looking for new ideas or outlines, and an outside perspective? Are the funding possibilities offered by external financing and the EU being used enough? How can you succeed with application rounds and tough competition? 

Develop or die   

Public actors and businesses need to look closely at how increasingly scarce resources – staff, time and money – can be used to safeguard development and investments. Our solution for good resource planning and implementation is FCG Grant Advisors. 

From idea to funding  

Our experts have plentiful experience in preparing projects for both Finnish and international financiers. The underlying goal in all cases is to avoid unnecessary complexity. We have tested and developed the simplest processes and templates that allow the division of labour between the parties to be clear, so that the preparations proceed smoothly without excessive paperwork. 

Support for content and implementation  

We are familiar with the existing and ongoing Finnish and international funding opportunities and their strategic aims. We also contribute to content, assisting with developing plans and bringing new perspectives to projects. As a cross-sectoral company, FCG can provide expertise in regions and municipalities, and the development of livelihoods and tourism. At a later stage in projects, our specialists may also assist in project implementation as required, in coordination, administration and providing content expertise. 

In addition to funding in the form of assistance, the project design may be complemented with alternative models and concepts for financing and implementation. 

Is it worth the trouble? 

Preparing applications, especially for international programmes, may require considerable investment, but it is worth the trouble – at least if you are serious and your idea has a strong strategic basis. External financing and projectising help to ensure that development proceeds as it should. Competition is fierce in international EU projects, but support levels and grant percentages are considerably higher. Projects also have positive side effects: they provide a moderately risk-free way to renew, internationalise and increase organisational skills. Contacts and visibility in international fields can serve as an indirect boost, and open doors for business and regional marketing and attracting investments. 

Initial investigations cost nothing 

Contact us! Let’s think together about how to proceed. 

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