Have you noticed that in the development of tourism, there is plenty of talk about trends and change factors such as sustainability, responsibility and low-carbon tourism? Phenomena related to tourism and the needs, expectations and consumer behaviour of tourists are changing, as are the operating environment and development principles of tourism centres and regions. 

The importance of sustainable development increases with tourism 

Growth in tourism makes it necessary to take sustainability into account in a new way. Sustainability is linked to the development of tourism both at the strategic level in defining development guidelines, and at the operational level in the everyday actions and choices of tourism companies and operators. Tourism should bring economic prosperity and employment, as well as environmental and sociocultural sustainability, including over the long term. Tourists should also feel welcome, get value for money and have their expectations met. 

Trends and silent signals act as change factors in the development of tourism  

The development of tourism is a time-bound and place-specific matter of defining strategic choices and measures that are necessary to identify changes in tourism issues and the needs of tourists. The dominant themes are sustainable tourism and responsibility, and digital and intelligent mobility services, which we consider in the development of tourism. So, what are the following phenomena that need to be taken into account? As a pioneer in the industry, we strive to outline how emerging factors can be reflected in the reorganisation of structures and services. 

Developing tourism requires bold choices 

The competitive advantages and competitiveness of tourism go hand in hand. The development of a unique and distinctive attraction requires competitive advantages to be defined. Our experts help development organisations and businesses to find new sources of growth and vitality to increase their competitiveness. 

Choices and solutions in the development of tourism require a long-term, future-proof approach and practical tools for action in day-to-day operations.   

Our product range includes: 

  • Tourism development plans, strategies and master plans 
  • Tourism business operations, service concepts and business plans 
  • Digital solutions for tourism 
  • Marketing surveys and outlines 
  • “Invest in” consulting, feasibility and profitability analyses 
  • Funding solutions for development and investments 
  • Assessments and development plans for sustainable tourism 
  • Impact assessments 

Our multidisciplinary team includes experts in tourism areas, business, sustainable development, service design, product development and marketing, environmental and land use planning, construction and digital solutions. We are committed to working sustainably. 

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