The water supply is essential to everyday life. The Finnish water supply is among the best in the world, but the need to repair ageing distribution networks and cope with extreme weather phenomena due to climate change will bring new challenges in the future. Do you have management plans in place to meet these challenges?

Functionality and reliability are the fundamental pillars of water supply 

Due to the critical role of the water supply, it is important that the related services and systems are absolutely reliable – even in extreme conditions. Similarly, it is important that the solutions are environmentally sustainable and designed with environmental requirements in mind. Water supply services should also support sustainable urban and regional development. 

Water supply solutions are typically built to last for decades. It is important to look far ahead and anticipate future needs and trends when designing solutions.

Adapting to change and responding to future water supply needs require long-sightedness and investments. Ways to respond to changing needs include regional development surveys for water supply and local drainage water recovery. 

Comprehensive expertise in the water supply field

We are one of Finland’s largest, most knowledgeable and multi-faceted water supply planning and consultancy organisations. We handle the whole project planning and implementation chain, from the necessary feasibility measures to supporting the operation of water utilities. 

Our expertise covers the overall planning of water utilities, the new construction of water supply networks and refurbishment, and the design of drainage water management. We have broad process expertise in water and wastewater treatment, offering the most suitable solution for each case. We also have strong competence in water acquisition. We have extensive experience of carrying out surveys and analyses related to surface water, groundwater and artificial groundwater as well as soil and bedrock.  

With regard to plant design, we provide overall planning of wastewater treatment plants and hydroelectric plants and the related process and risk assessments. We make comprehensive use of 3D design. We have extensive expertise in designing underground wastewater treatment plants. For the domestic water supply, we prepare suitable treatment solutions for untreated water. We have acted as the main planner in many projects, such as the Blominmäki wastewater treatment plant project in Espoo, where planning was carried out with needs in mind for as long as a hundred years ahead. 

The strengths of our water supply network and drainage water design lie in the construction of new water supply networks as well as renovation planning and the planning of drainage water management. We take advantage of modelling in design tasks, where we use our own FCGnet/SWMM product family, whose features and flexibility are superior to other modelling applications. 

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