Climate change and a densifying urban structure pose growing challenges for stormwater management. Weather phenomena, the increase in rainfall intensity and increasingly heavy winter rains are changing the operating environment for stormwater management. In addition to quantitative management, attention is increasingly paid to the quality of stormwater.  

From flood management to ecosystem services     

Stormwater management has traditionally focused on the management of flood situations and effective drying. Well-designed stormwater structures provide also recreational opportunities and support biodiversity in the urban structure. High-quality stormwater management can therefore be part of a pleasant and sustainable urban environment, in addition to ensuring efficient flood management.   

Sustainable stormwater management requires a holistic approach 

Sustainable and effective stormwater management requires planning based on drainage areas. Land use planning has a significant role in the management of stormwater.  

The best way to manage stormwater is to take it into account at each level of land use. 

The design of stormwater management requires specific and cross-sectoral expertise in areas such as urban hydrology, geoengineering and landscape architecture. We have a wide-ranging team of professionals who specialise in stormwater management. We use the industry’s best design software for computer-aided design, modelling and geospatial technology.  

We have been involved in the planning of stormwater management as part of the stormwater strategy of towns and cities for over two decades.   

Our stormwater management services cover:  

  • Municipality-specific surveys regarding the need to manage stormwater  
  • Stormwater strategies and reports  
  • Modelling of the hydrological conditions in the catchment areas  
  • Impact assessments  
  • Detailed management plans  
  • Green area and environmental plans as part of the stormwater plan  
  • Stormwater management in land use and local area planning 

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