Nutrient loads and oxygen depletion in lakes, rivers and the Baltic Sea. Hormonal compounds in wastewater. Industrial effluent in waterways. They all demand high-quality and reliable wastewater treatment now and in the future. Sewage sludge is already being used to produce heat and electricity – in the future, could the nutrients it contains be used as raw material for recycled fertiliser products?

Communities are evolving, and so are wastewater treatment plants

Although sewage loads to watercourses are only a fraction of what they were at worst, there is still room for improvement. In addition to nutrient removal, new challenges include microplastics and other harmful substances. New compacts and more efficient processing methods are continually being developed.  

The expansion of sewage plants, the regional concentration of wastewater treatment and the tightening of permit conditions require increased capacity of existing water treatment plants and more efficient processing. Old water treatment plants may be nearing the end of their service life, in which case an entirely new plant is needed in either the same or a different location.  

Sewage treatment plants can also be built underground 

Water treatment plants built inside excavated bedrock allow the plants to be built near residential areas, with minimal environmental impact. In underground enclosed areas, BIM and 3D modelling can – and should – be exploited.  

We are Finland’s most experienced designer of underground sewage treatment plants. We have been involved in designing rock-excavated plants in Helsinki, Tampere, Espoo, Turku, Lahti, Nurmijärvi and Mikkeli.  

As the leading expert in the design of wastewater treatment plants, we offer the best, practically proven solutions for different needs.  

Our services include: 

  • Preliminary outline and detail design of water treatment plants 
  • Expert-based support for process operation: for long-term operating support and in specific problem situations 
  • Evaluation and capacity studies of treatment processes 
  • Design of disinfection solutions for treated wastewater 
  • Treatment studies on reject waters from biogas plants 
  • Mass balance calculations and dynamic process modelling 
  • Environmental permit applications and statutory monitoring programmes  
  • Statutory monitoring in cooperation with accredited environmental laboratories 
  • Comprehensive sanitation safety plans (SSP) 
  • Treatment plant process data management with a reporting programme 
  • Devising industrial wastewater drainage contracts with monitoring plans and wastewater fee calculations  

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