Finland is a water-rich country, whose drinking water is known to be of the highest quality in the world. This should, however, not be taken for granted – constant maintenance of the water supply network, skills development and preparedness for various kinds of risks are required. We provide the tools and the knowledge for water quality risk management, monitoring and reporting.

Safeguarding water quality and the water supply network 

The deteriorating condition of the water supply network and the growing need for repairs are the biggest challenges for many water utilities. Also network leakage water is high-quality drinking water, and the amount of leakage should be minimised. Water treatment solutions also affect the risks of corrosion and blockage of the distribution network: alkaline and hardness of the water must be at the right level. 

Harmful substances such as pesticides, solvents, radon or fluoride can be found at water intake points. In these cases, it is important to look for suitable treatment methods, which may require testing with pilot equipment before further measures can be taken. Based on our experience, active carbon and membrane filtration pilot studies have been successful, and the results can be used to design functional water treatment solutions. 

Water towers require maintenance – and resources 

Water towers that operate as water reservoirs and maintain pressure in distribution networks have a central role in the distribution of water. Many water towers are already old enough to require renovation or replacement. Determination of repair needs by experienced structural designers is complemented by microsection studies to identify the exact condition of the concrete. 

The repair project is also an opportunity to renew the appearance of water towers. We have designed architecturally impressive water towers, such as the Kievari water tower in Tuusula, the Nikkilä water tower in Sipoo and the Vaasi water tower in Kirkkonummi. 

For potable water solutions, we offer: 

  • Design of new water towers, or condition surveys and renovation planning of existing towers 
  • Selection and dimensioning of treatment methods for different raw water sources: groundwater, surface water and artificial groundwater 
  • Development of existing treatment processes
  • Selection of the required chemicals and their correct dosing 
  • Selection, design and optimisation of alkalisation (limestone, lime, lye or soda) 
  • Planning of solutions for disinfection: UV treatment, continuous or intermittent chlorination 
  • Drinking water risk assessment and the development of risk management measures (WSP, or Water Safety Plan) 
  • Corrosion studies: we investigate the reasons for corrosion in iron and copper pipes, and design necessary actions for solving corrosion problems. 
  • Artificial groundwater surveys: pre-treatment options for lake or river water, reports of artificial groundwater formation, e.g. HPLC-SEC and isotope studies, water absorption, artificial groundwater post-treatment 
  • Preparation of drinking water quality monitoring programmes  
  • Sampling and analysis of drinking water in cooperation with accredited environmental laboratories 

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