Training and Events

We organise over 500 events every year. We organise training for continuous learning and produce a number of national events where professionals from different sectors receive the latest information, inspiration and networking opportunities. 

Our strengths as an educational organisation are our deep knowledge of public administration and related organisations. Our broad network of experts and close cooperation with universities and developer communities ensure the best possible content for education and training. Our training is naturally linked to organisational development and consulting. 

Which form of learning suits you?  

  • Events and forums bring together participants around one or more specific themes. The most important features of our training events are trends from Finland and abroad, high-quality content, sharing experiences and networking. Our biggest events are the annual social and healthcare IT days and the municipal finance and management forums of the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities. 
  • Theme days are annual meeting places for professionals and expert groups. In addition to sharing information and best practices, it is important to exchange experiences with colleagues.  
  • Training programmes and courses at basic, postgraduate and advanced levels provide further training for various professions. 
  • Online training enables learning independently of time and place. Our online courses provide basic and continuing training. Most training programmes include distance learning in addition to face-to-face education. 
  • Webinars provide an effective way to develop skills while saving time and costs. 
  • Some of our training courses are provided as recordings. The recordings can be watched at the learner’s own pace as long as the viewing rights are valid. 

Schools, data protection, cybersecurity, early childhood education, social and healthcare services...we meet customer needs and wishes 

We believe that the starting point for developing skills is always the customer’s needs. For that reason, we carefully follow customer feedback and wishes. We modify the content of training courses and events, introducing new options regularly and providing the same training in multiple formats.

Training is investment in the most important thing – people 

The most popular training courses this year have dealt with data protection, the planning and construction of school spaces, the work of municipal managers and the challenges facing the municipal economy.  

We offer training in areas such as the following

  • Administration and legal matters 
  • Early childhood education, teaching and culture 
  • Management and supervisory work 
  • Economy and financing 
  • Community and the environment  
  • Digital knowledge and ICT 
  • Data protection and date management 
  • Employment and vitality  
  • HR 
  • Pay and employment relationship communications  
  • Customer service and office work 
  • Social care and healthcare 
  • Working in positions of trust 


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