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Wind power services

Wind power is a zero-emission and cost-efficient form of electricity generation. Hundreds of wind turbines are currently being planned throughout Finland. Are you looking for multidisciplinary wind power design and consulting expertise covering the entire project lifecycle, from project development to technical design, from permit applications to construction? Wind power solutions are at the core of our expertise!

Tuulivoimaan investoiminen

Profitability means taking control of challenges and finding effective solutions. 

At Finnish Consulting Group, we can ensure the profitability of your wind power investment. We can help you with both Due Diligence Processes and Feasibility Studies.

Tuulivoiman rakentaminen

Competent project management and worksite supervision decrease risks and increase safety. We can provide solutions for Project Management, Worksite Supervision, Safety Coordination, and Take Over.

tuulivoimalaitosten ylläpito ja kehittäminen
Asset Management and Development

Regular asset management and inspections increase lifespan, performance, and safety. Our asset management services include Operation Management, Maintenance Planning, End of Warranty Services, Inspections, Root Cause Analyses, and Measurement Services.

Your partner in preliminary design of wind power projects

Before construction begins on a wind power project, the authorities require assessments of several kinds. We are highly familiar with the necessary environmental assessments and support you in dealing with the authorities.

FCG Tuulivoima
Trust has a revolutionary effect

A tactical partnership with us ensures that the shared objective is reached on schedule and in a profitable manner. We are your eyes, ears, and hands managing the worksite, to ensure that your safety shoes remain clean. What is trust worth to you?

Today’s energy solutions are affordable, zero-emission and renewable

In 2019, nine per cent of electricity production in Finland was generated through wind power. As a renewable and cost-effective source of energy, wind power produces zero emissions and as such is a major factor in climate change mitigation and the development of prosperity. Wind power is a decentralised form of electricity generation, which means that the positive economic impacts of project investments are dispersed and benefit many municipalities, as well as towns and cities throughout Finland. 

Our services cover the entire lifecycle of wind power projects.
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From comprehensive project management to tailored special expertise

We have more than 15 years of experience in the implementation of Finnish and international wind power projects, and we have been involved in developing more than 50 per cent of Finland’s wind power capacity. For example, we undertake due diligence assessments for projects in advance to identify risks associated with new wind farms, as well as wind farms where a change of ownership is underway. 

As a full-service company, we recognise and respond to the varying needs of our customers by providing planning and consulting expertise at all phases of the wind energy project lifecycle, taking into account case-specific features as required.

We offer tailored, sustainable and cost-effective solutions that take into account of the requirements of technical implementation, economic sustainability, and the population and natural environment. Our broad expertise enables us to provide a holistic service and take responsibility for the development of our customers’ wind power projects and the agreed progress. Considering the different elements of project development entails better risk management from the start of the cooperation.