FCG is a multi-expertise company that provides services in multiple areas of knowledge and know-how.

Agriculture and Rural Development

Rural development is a broad term that encompasses many of our activities. This includes activities such as forestry, agribusiness and value chain development. We provide training and inputs, and link farmers to others in the value chain, such as input suppliers, buyers, credit, etc. Sometimes this will involve support for group marketing and cooperative formation; at other times we work with individuals and government extensionists.

In some remote communities, commercial agriculture isn’t viable due to the lack of roads and markets. In these cases, we focus more on improved nutrition and food security.

We also work with rural water supply and sanitation, combined with livelihoods, nutrition and food security activities to maximise the use and benefits of water. Protection of watersheds is vital for sustainability of agriculture in the future.

FCG always aims to work within a gender and social inclusion framework, ensuring equitable access to resources and training, in order to support sustainability. It is important that when aproduct becomes commercially viable, women or other minorities are not excluded. This may require targeted activities or improved linkages to theprivate sector and government.

As a tool for sustainable development, we specialize in participatory development processes, both at the grassroots and decision-making levels. Participatory approaches encourage the inclusion of the project beneficiaries in all the processes of programme development, increasing ownership and empowering project beneficiaries.

Our approach is based on integrated resources management, mainstreaming sustainable development, integrating social and cultural dimensions, building effective partnerships, measuring progress and efficiently mobilising human and financial resources.

We provide technical assistance especially in the following fields of integrated natural resources development:

  • Community/Livelihood development and poverty reduction
  • Rural entrepreneurship and diversification of rural economies
  • Agribusiness and value chain development
  • Nutrition training 
  • Sustainable natural resources management and environmental protection
  • Watersheds / river basin management and protection
  • Agro-forestry
  • Forestry, agriculture and fisheries
  • Use of water for agriculture –micro-irrigation, irrigation systems
  • Land use planning and administration
  • Institutional development and capacity building
  • Rural infrastructure


Contact persons

Pamela White
Pamela White
Senior Manager
Natural Resources Management and Climate
pamela.white a fcg.fi
+358 40 760 7960

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