FCG is a multi-expertise company that provides services in multiple areas of knowledge and know-how.

Energy and Climate Change

The Energy and Environment sector is growing in importance in FCG International's range of services. Our international projects are increasingly focusing on energy as a component of a multi-disciplinary project content, or as specifically energy sector project. FCG has a leading role in Finland in designing Wind Mill Parks and is also selling this knowledge to the overseas market.

FCG Group strives to be in the forefront of the global shift to a low carbon, environmentally sustainable development path. We support innovative and locally appropriate renewable energy solutions, reaching from introducing fuel efficient stoves for rural households in Nepal to planning of wind farms in Finland. In our experience the most successful and sustainable projects are based on the initiative of local communities and enterprises. FCG manages energy and environment partnership programs that provide funding for piloting locally developed projects as well as enhance local skills and capacity to take advantage of the latest renewable energy and energy efficiency technology. 

While reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions to combat climate change, FCG also supports governments and communities in preparing for the projected changes in the climate, such as changing rainfall patterns and more frequent extreme weather events. This can be achieved through holistic urban and rural development planning, a core approach in FCG’s international development projects as wellas our land use and area planning services in Finland. FCG integrates adaptation to climate change in projects in agriculture and forestry, food security, water resource management, water supply and sanitation and other fields. We address the vulnerability of communities and infrastructure through optimization of resource use, diversification of income sources, design of more resilient infrastructure and many other locally identified interventions.

Our aim is to plan efficient and low emission community structures that utilize regional or local energy solutions based on renewable energy sources. Wind power is currently the most important low-emission energy method, and therefore FCG is actively involved in developing wind power production in Finland. We assist foreign investors to achieve and complete wind power projects in Finland.


Our services include:

  • Institutional development, leadership and capacity building
  • Development of policies, strategies and legislation
  • Fund management and calls for proposals management
  • Energy efficiency for area planning, households, buildings and industrial processes 
  • Development of the use of renewable energy
  • Adaptation and mitigation strategies for climate change
  • Stakeholder involvement and needs assessment
  • Technology transfer and innovations
  • Water resource and flood risk assessments and adaptation planning
  • Project development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation
  • Due Diligence Services, Computer modelling, permitting, design services and construction supervision of wind power projects.


Contact person

Jorma Peltonen
Jorma Peltonen
Director, Development Consulting
jorma.peltonen a fcg.fi
+358 40 513 7147

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