FCG is a multi-expertise company that provides services in multiple areas of knowledge and know-how.

Infrastructure Development

We have provided a wide range of physical and social infrastructure planning and management services in Finland since 1949 and internationally since the 1970s. We operate in the fields of water and environmental engineering, spatial planning and land management, architecture and building engineering, geotechnical and structural engineering offering sustainable solutions for our clients both in private and public sector.

We have extensive experience in implementing international projects, particularly in water and environmental engineering.   Efficient water supply and sanitation services as well as proper waste management are fundamental parts of sound environmental and public health policies and hold a key place in economic development. The projects today are not only technical but substantially include capacity development in financing and management skills.

FCG is able to provide all these services from project identification, preparation and preliminary surveys to programming and project management, institutional and operational support, design, coordination, as well as supervision services during construction phase.
Our services cover e.g.:

  • Feasibility studies, development plans, process studies, Master Plans
  • Modelling of treatment processes, networks and automation
  • Design and tendering documents for:
    • Water supply: surface and ground water
    • Waste water treatment
    • Sludge management
    • Pumping stations
    • Biogas plants
    • Water and sewage networks and transfer lines
  • Stormwater and flood management engineering and modelling
  • Urban development and planning
  • Risk Analyses
  • Social and Environmental Assessments & Audits
  • Water supply and sewerage master plans for urban and rural areas
  • Automation and instrumentation studies
  • Industrial wastewater surveys and terms of agreements with water works
  • Support for water and wastewater utility management and benchmarking
  • Institutional development & Training
  • Project Implementation & Management
  • Construction supervision

Water Supply and Sanitation

Contact persons

Ilmari Saarilehto
Ilmari Saarilehto
Head of Sector
Water and Sanitation
ilmari.saarilehto a fcg.fi
+358 40 072 3986