FCG is a multi-expertise company that provides services in multiple areas of knowledge and know-how.


FCG’s experience in implementing forestry and natural resource management related assignments for various clients starts from the 1960´s. From the first assignments we emphasize the close relationship of forestry with agriculture, watersheds, rural energy and biodiversity, and the importance of forestry to the society in creating employment and in ecosystem services.

We stress the importance of participatory approach for sustainability, and the need to take into account the diverse stakeholder groups and their needs regarding the management and use of natural resources. Adequate knowledge and skills of the stakeholders regarding forestry are in a key position for an equitable share of the resources, therefore we emphasize the importance of capacity building regarding the planning and management of forests.

The building of forestry value chain is a way to strengthen the economic development at all levels, creating opportunities for entrepreneurship and employment for a balanced development of society.

FCG’s long and strong experience in forestry and natural resources management and in human resources development and institutional capacity building form a good basis for the benefit and well-being of a variety of stakeholder groups in our partner countries. We commit to use our expertise and experience for finding solutions and strategies for the sustainable management of forests and natural resources.

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Jorma Peltonen
Director, Development Consulting
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