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Smart Transportation renovates the way we drive

Traffic becomes a part of city design and smart city development in a new way. Recently established FCG Smart Transportation is our fresh approach how to improve public and private transportation needs by using the existing vehicles more effectively.


FCG has worked 70 years in the field of traffic and infrastructure design. The expansion to traffic services was a natural move for us. 

Traffic is becoming one of the most important features within urban design due to ecological reasons. The electrification of traffic has ignited and cities need to arrange energy distribution for cars. EU is restricting the usage of fossil fuels and there is a strong will to decrease CO2 levels all around the globe. Furthermore the themes of urbanization such as for example the aging of the population and the centralization of the services are accelerating. 

In a world of carless areas we need new ways to move from here to there. Private driving and car ownership is about to change. That area is widely called MaaS, Mobility as a Service, where mobility solutions are consumed as a service. MaaS enables various transport means to be connected as one trip. New traffic services such as MaaS and car sharing need to be taken into consideration already in the urban planning phase. 

Our software solution creates a better match of user needs and existing transport supply. We focus to city areas with reduced driving possibilities, to countryside with poor public transport and to people who don't drive. We optimize and connect private and public rides, and connect people and goods to same vehicles. The economical and the ecological benefits are achieved by increasing the transport volumes and by reducing the total travel time and the number of rides. 

  • Application for route optimization, ridesharing and ridepooling
  • Fully integrated system
  • Individual user interfaces for clients, travellers and drivers
  • Android and iOS compatibility
  • No extra device needed
  • SaaS and turn-key services
  • Including payment transactions and reporting features
  • API interfaces for data

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