FCG is a multi-expertise company that provides services in multiple areas of knowledge and know-how.

Urban planning and Development

The Urban planning and development team provides holistic services in the extensive field of community planning, spanning from urban architectural plans and land use plans to research and development projects.

Visualization of the city of Mänttä, Finland

Our cross-scientific and creative planning team works as a fine-tuned group of experts in projects of different scales. Our experts in infrastructure and building systems as well as other Group resources with broad ranges of expertise are utilised when we provide our customers with sustainability plans and studies.

We utilise urban modelling to produce illustrative material at different stages of the planning project in order to ensure the success of interactive planning.

Our services include

  • Development and structural models
  • Master and local plans
  • Development projects for city centres
  • Development plans for blocks and properties
  • Project and idea plans to support planning processes
  • Architectural design, construction method instructions
  • Bidding processes for design, and their organisation
  • 3D visualisation of designs
  • Specifications related to the city planning process
  • Surveys regarding service structures and commerce, as well as consultancy
  • Tourism projects
  • Impact assessments
  • Geographic information, GIS planning, urban modelling
  • Idea-creating tools and interaction methods
  • Project management services

In addition 

  • Landscape and environmental architecture
  • Design of landscapes and public outdoor facilities
  • Noise abatement
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Road and municipal engineering, transport engineering
  • Energy surveys
  • Planning instructions and manuals

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Contact person

Arja Sippola
Arja Sippola
Director, Urban Development
Urban and Strategic Planning
arja.sippola a fcg.fi
+358 44 748 0315

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