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Feasibility Studies, Development Plans, Process Studies, Master Plans

Feasibility studies, project planning and master plans are among the key components of our work in the water supply and sanitation sector.

We implement planning and feasibility phases for both urban and rural project regularly around the world. Good design and planning makes possible successful implementation of large implementation projects that follow. Our clients include bilateral donors such as Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, the EU and international development banks such as the WorldBank and the Asian Development Bank as well as municipal and private water and wastewater utilities. Recent and ongoing projects in this field include:

  • Design and supervision of works concerned with water intake with iron removal station in Mar’ina Gorka town, Minsk Oblast, Belarus, 2010-2014, Utility Enterpris
  • Nepal rural water supply and sanitation sector: Nepal rural water supply and sanitation sector: identification of options to increase sustainable access to services (RWSS Comparative Study), Nepal, 2012-2013, WB
  • Planning of Completion Phase for The Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Western Nepal (RWSSP-WN), 6-10.2012, MFA Finlan
  • Preparing the Kathmandu Valley Urban Environmental Improvement Project Nepal, 2012-2013, AD
  • Pskov Water Improvement – Feasibility Study, Russia, 2010, EBR
  • Preparing the Improved Water Quality, Sanitation and Service Delivery Sector Program, Nepal, 2008-2009, ADB  
  • Designing the Nepal Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Sector M&E/MIS System, 2009, WB

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Ilmari Saarilehto
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Water and Sanitation
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