FCG is a multi-expertise company that provides services in multiple areas of knowledge and know-how.

ICT Services

Our Business Intelligence services provide tools and support for FCG’s welfare consultants and classification experts, as well for managers of cities and municipalities.

QlikTech is our Business Intelligence partner and we use QlikView Business Intelligence Software as our analysis and reporting tool.

QlikView is specially used for analyzing information that systems like NordDRG (Diagnosis Related Grouping) and pDRG (Primary Care Diagnosis Related Grouping) produce:

  • QlikView produces reports, analysis and measurements for decision makers to support their management and planning for strategic and operational levels.
  • QlikView also integrates information from versatile reporting systems used in welfare.
  • QlikView is able to explore associations in data.

Our ICT Services have also built self-service business intelligence applications (including mobile devices) with user-friendly interfaces.