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Optimising the workload of nurses

The RAFAELA® Nursing Intensity and Staffing System produces information about a patient’s need for care. It simplifies resourcing nursing staff and optimises their work efforts, which results in good care for the patients.

The system also provides support for analyzing the quality, productivity, and costs of operating processes. 

Management, planning and decision making is based on well-measured and transparent information. The planning of nursing care is managed by a shared information system. 

The system provides information and support when assessing and developing a multifunctional working community and its working processes. 

“The right nurses in the right place at the right time” 

The nurses are taking part in the decision making through their own work. The advantage of the classification of nursing duties is to bring visibility to the workload of the nurses. 

RAFAELA helps to optimise the workload of nurses inside the unit and throughout the entire organisation, which supports the nurses’ work welfare and motivation.

It also reveals professionalism and furthers its development. 

The system also outlines a collegial approach and a fair division of labour

For an individual nurse, RAFAELA provides a tool for self-leadership. The system advances the assessment of a nurse’s professional work, including overall caretaking of a patient and registering and reporting patient information. 

A patient gets good care and treatment,and meets motivated nurses who are content with their work. When a nurse is classifying her work, she assesses continuously her own performance. Hence, she has an opportunity to evaluate a patient’s need for care as well her ability to fulfil the need. 

The probability for patient injury incidents decreases when the amount of nursing staff is optimised in relation to their workload. 

The RAFAELA® Nursing Intensity and Staffing System is owned by The Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities and governed by FCG Consulting Ltd. 

The Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities represents Finnish municipalities, towns and cities. Regional councils, hospital districts, special care districts and municipal organisations in fields, such as education, all cooperate with the Association.

FCG introduced RAFAELA for European audience in a recent article in Health Issue published by Pan European Networks.