FCG - working for well-being!

FCG's International Consulting

FCG's consulting services focus on developing organizational, social and public sector structures around the world. In our international projects our strength lies in a local market presence, our solid and versatile international experience and in our highly motivated, efficient staff.

FCG Group produces services that support good life for our customers, ranging from decision-making support in the form of consultation or training and operational development to community and infrastructure planning with due attention to environmental values. We have been involved in creating well-being in more than 5 000 projects across the world.

FCG Group's CEO is from 1.1.2019 on Mrs. Mari Puoskari (M.Sc. Eng.).

FCG Group's Board of Directors

Members of the FCG Group Board of Directors:

  • Minna Karhunen, Chairman of the Board, CEO, Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities
  • Hanna Tainio, Vice Chairman of the Board, Vice President, Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities
  • Timo Kietäväinen, CEO of Keva
  • Sari Kola-Nyström, Head of Sales Development, Kone Corporation
  • Timo Laitinen, Director General of the State Treasury
  • Kirsti Lindberg-Repo, CEO of Brand Audit Group Oy
  • Erkka Valkila

FCG Group's Executive Team

In addition to Group CEO Mari Puoskari the Group Executive Team consists of the Directors of Business Areas:

  • Mrs. Mari Puoskari, FCG Finnish Consulting Group Ltd.
  • Mr. Pauli Santala Design and Engineering
  • Mr. Tommi Patanen, Consulting 
  • Mrs. Tarja Salonen, Training
  • Ms. Seija Salminen, Finance

The company’s client base consists of a wide spectrum of both private and public sector organizations in Finland and abroad. The company is owned by Kuntaliitto Holding Oy, which is part of the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities.

In our international projects our strength lies in local market presence. In addition to our FInnish companies, our subsidiaries are located in:

  • Sweden (FCG Swedish Development AB, FCG SIPU International AB)
  • Bulgaria (FCG POVVIK)
  • Singapore (Finnish Consulting Group Pte. Ltd)
  • New Zealand (FCG ANZDEC)
  • Kenya (FCG Kenya)
  • Ecuador (representative office)
  • Greece (representative office)
  • Turkey (FCG International Danismanlik
    Hizmetleri Limited Sirketi)

FCG Worldwide

FCG has a long
history of international operations: the first project related to northern
Africa and forestry
commenced in 1967. Since then there have been over 5,000 international projects implemented in more than 150 countries worldwide.

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