FCG - working for well-being!

FCG Consulting Ltd – Expert in Management by Knowledge

FCG Consulting Ltd. is the leading consulting company serving the municipal sector in Finland. We also have extensive expertise in regional development, and our company plays a significant role in developing grouping and classification products for the Finnish social and welfare sector.

Our company is divided into three business areas:

- Management Consulting

- Welfare and ICT services

- Business Development

As an expert in management by knowledge we provide a set of services for the varying needs of our customers.

Our clientele and network consists of:
- Municipalities and cities
- The State of Finland
- Joint municipal authorities
- Public companies
- Private companies
- Regional and local authorities
- Regional development companies.


Head of Business Area
Tommi Patanen

Director, Management Consulting
Markku Pyykkölä

Director, Welfare and ICT Services
Maija Valta