FCG - working for well-being!

FCG International Ltd

FCG International Ltd's consulting services focus on developing organizational, social and public sector structures around the world. In these projects our strength lies in a local market presence, our solid and versatile international experience and in our highly motivated, efficient staff.

FCG Group produces services that support good life for our customers, ranging from decision-making support in the form of consultation or training and operational development to community and infrastructure planning with due attention to environmental values. We have been involved in creating well-being in more than 5 000 projects across the world.

We provide technical assistance especially in

  • policy analyses and advice
  • organisation development
  • human resources development and trainin
  • programme and project preparation, implementation and evaluation.

We implement public sector projects for the recipient governments, and multilateral and bilateral financiers: the European Commission, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finland. As we are increasingly directing our HRD services to private sector, the range of clients is also widening to encompass private companies.

Our resources consist of in-house experts and outsourced services and products. Networking and alliances are, therefore, vital modes of operating for us. We co-operate with organisations and individuals in Finland and abroad, including:

  • Universities and other educational establishment
  • Economic and social research organisations
  • Public sector organisations
  • Private consultancies
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Individual consultants

We operate our own register of consultants, which currently consists of more than 21 000 individual experts.