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FCG Training

FCG is a Finnish leader in open training offered to public sector decision-makers and officials. Training is also an essential and integrated part of our international project implementation.

In Finland, FCG is the leading provider of Training Services in the public sector. Our training and coaching services are concentrated on the management and personnel of public sector and organisations close to it. The services available to persons in positions of trust, operative management and personnel are designed and implemented with the needs of different actors in the public sector in mind. 

In addition to open training, we provide our customers with tailored training and coaching according to their needs.

Contact persons

Tarja Salonen
Tarja Salonen
Head of Business Area
tarja.salonen a fcg.fi
+358 44 744 1815
Jari Koivisto
Jari Koivisto
Director, Well-being and Vitality, Private Sector Organizations
jari.koivisto a fcg.fi
+358 50 301 9152