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FCG worldwide

In international projects FCG's strength lies in the local market presence, in our solid and versatile international experience, as well as in our highly efficient staff both at home and in fieldwork.

FCG Finnish Consulting Group Ltd, Finland
The parent company of FGG acts as a service centre, providing the Group companies with the required financial and IT management services as well as communication and HR services. The parent company is owned by the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities.

FCG Consulting Ltd, Finland

Our consultancy services support our customers’ good management to a high standard. Our services are built on competencies in management consultancy, well-being and ICT services, business development and research services. We produce knowledge that supports management.

FCG Talent Ltd provides Finnish municipalities, municipal federations and municipality-owned companies with a system supporting recruitment and development of the employer image. For employees it provides tools for searching and applying for jobs. www.kuntarekry.fi

FCG Training Ltd, Finland
Our training and coaching services support our customers when they develop their professional competence, management and working communities. We are the leading provider of training services in the Finnish municipal sector. Year after year, FCG has ranked among the top names in the public image surveys of training services.

FCG Design and Engineering Ltd, Finland
Our comprehensive range of services related to planning and engineering covers community planning, housing construction and renovation, water supply engineering and environmental consultancy. We also provide all industries with property development and maintenance services. FCG’s planning business works in close cooperation with customers and a nationwide network of experts.

This business unit also has a subsidiary, FCG City Portal Ltd. The main product of this Company is MAPGETS, a new, open application platform that uses the latest 3D technology. http://info.mapgets.com/en, www.mapgets.com

FCG International Ltd

In international project business, our strengths are our presence in local markets, solid and diverse international experience, and efficient utilisation of our highly-committed human resources. The focus is on projects related to the environment, water supply and natural resources. Projects in the well- being and education sectors are a growing business area.

FCG Swedish Development AB

FCG Sweden is a consultancy company specialising in international development cooperation, with a focus on public sector reform, natural resource management, civil society strengthening, market development and evaluation. FCG Sweden is the new face of ORGUT and SIPU International and is the trading name of FCG Swedish Development AB. www.fcgsweden.se

FCG SIPU International AB is a training company focusing on public sector training in Sweden. FCG SIPU produces courses, conferences, online and tailor-made trainings for various target groups e.g. within the areas of public procurement, technical administration, public administration law, financial management, health care and social work, www.sipu.se

FCG Kenya 
FCG Kenya is a development consultancy company with a focus on Integrated Water Resource Management, Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene, Environmental Management and Climate Change, Sustainable agriculture, Value Chain, Irrigation and Food Security, Sector Reform, Institutional Development, Governance and Capacity Building, Sustainable Forestry, Fund Management and Documentation of Lessons Learnt and Best Practices. During its long presence in Kenya, FCG Kenya has been able to build and maintain an active network of all the actors in region including donors, government actors, consulting service providers, civil society organizations and academia. www.fcgkenya.co.ke/

FCG ANZDEC Ltd, New Zealand is a New Zealand based international development consulting firm specializing in the sustainable development and management of renewable natural resources in developing countries. We are a company with more than 35 years of experience in over 45 countries, mostly in the Asia-Pacific region. www.fcganzdec.co.nz 

FCG POVVIK AD, Bulgaria 
is a leading independent consulting and engineering company in the field of sustainable development in Bulgaria. POVVIK AD offers a full range of environmental consulting and engineering services for all types of industries and businesses, and expertise on environmental and economic analyses to local and state government. Our expertise is focused in the Balkan region.  www.povvik.com

In addition to global subsidiaries, FCG has permanent representative offices in Greece, Turkey and Ecuador.