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FCG to simplify its group structure<BR> - New Management Team appointed

FCG’s Finland-based companies FCG Efeko Oy, FCG International Oy, FCG Planeko Oy and FCG MentorIT Oy, will merge with the parent company, FCG Finnish Consulting Group Oy, in October 2009. FCG’s General Meeting accepted the merger on 26 June 2009. The merger was one of the strategic objectives set for the FCG Group upon its formation in 2005.

The merger aims to clarify and streamline FCG’s organizational and cost structure. After the scheduled merger, FCG Finnish Consulting Group Oy will be the sole Finland-based company in the group from November 2009. The Group’s international companies will simultaneously be placed directly under the parent company.

The personnel, business operations and customer commitments of FCG’s Finnish companies will be placed under the parent company in the merger. All open projects will be continued as agreed with customers, and we will continue to provide high quality services as normal. Customers and partners will be kept informed of the merger as it proceeds.

FCG’s new Management Team from 26 June

The FCG Board of Directors has elected a new Management Team for the company. In addition to CEO Paul Paukku, the composition of the Management Team is as follows. The Management Team appointments are effective immediately.

- Matti Ojala, Director of International business area. Mr. Ojala will also take over the duties of the CEO of FCG International Oy between 26 June and 31 October 2009, until the merger. Mr. Ojala’s previous position was CEO of FCG Planeko.

- Jukka Meriluoto, Director of Infra and Environment business area. Mr. Meriluoto will also take over the duties of the CEO of FCG Planeko Oy between 26 June and 31 October 2009. Mr. Meriluoto was previously Head of Water and Wastewater Engineering and Research within FCG Planeko.

- Heikki Lonka, Director of Training and Consultation business area. Mr. Lonka will also take over the duties of the CEO of FCG Efeko Oy between 26 June and 31 October 2009. Mr. Lonka was previously Head of the Architecture and Regional Development sector of FCG Planeko Oy.

- Eeva Kokki, Director, Human Resources. Ms. Kokki was previously Director of Communications and HRD of FCG Finnish Consulting Group Oy.

The position of Director of Finance is still open.

In addition, the FCG Board of Directors nominated the following persons as Special Advisors to the company Management Team:

- Anette Vaini-Antila, Director of ICT business area
- Heli Kotilainen, Director of Development, and
- Rene Rendic, ICT Manager

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FCG Finnish Consulting Group is a leading multi-industry consulting company in Finland and the market leader in several industries. Our services focus on infrastructure, environmental, and community planning as well as training, expertise development, and international development consulting. Our services combine unique, versatile expertise and competence with solid experience, particularly in the field of public administration development in Finland and internationally. Our customers include customers from both the public and the private sectors. We currently employ more than 850 experts in Finland and abroad.

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