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Coming in November - one FCG

FCG’s Finland-based companies FCG Efeko Ltd, FCG International Ltd, FCG Planeko Ltd and FCG MentorIT will be merged with the parent company, FCG Finnish Consulting Group Ltd, on 31 October 2009. After the merger, FCG Finnish Consulting Group Ltd will be the sole Finland-based company in the group from November 2009.

The merger was one of the strategic objectives set for the FCG Group upon its formation in 2005 and it aims to clarify and streamline FCG’s organisational and cost structure. The Group’s international companies will simultaneously be placed directly under the parent company.

The personnel, business operations, and customer commitments of FCG’s Finnish companies will be placed under the parent company in the merger. All open projects of FCG companies will be continued as agreed with customers.

Business IDs and names of the merging companies will be discontinued at the end of October. After 1 November 2009, only the Business ID of FCG Finnish Consulting Group Ltd will be in use.

Business ID: 1940671-3
Address: PO Box 950, FI-00601 Helsinki
Street address: Osmontie 34, FI-00610 Helsinki
Extension: +358 10 4090

FCG in brief

FCG Finnish Consulting Group is a leading multi-industry consulting company in Finland, and the market leader in several industries. The service range offered by the Group is focused on infrastructure, the environment and community planning, development of education and competence and international development consultation.

Our services combine unique, versatile expertise and competence with solid experience, particularly in the field of public administration development in Finland and internationally. Our customer base includes customers from both the public and the private sectors. The company currently employs approximately 850 people in Finland and abroad.

The FCG product and service range can be seen as a continuum, which begins with supporting the client’s strategic decision-making process and continues on to planning, implementation and development of community and service structures, and is visible to the public in the guise of a healthy and safe environment and services. This continuum is also expressed by the FCG slogan: FCG - Working for well-being.

The same continuum can also be perceived in FCG’s new organisational structure. Issues pertaining to decision-making, strategic development and development of competence as well as training events are centralised in the Development and consulting unit. In addition to consultation on municipal management and administration, land use planning is the responsibility of this unit.

The field of community planning has been divided between two units: Infra and Construction Unit, and Water and the Environment Unit. The Infra and Construction Unit comprises, among other things, competence related to architecture, foundation engineering planning, roads, streets and harbours as well as services related to construction and maintenance. The services provided by the water and environmental planning unit include comprehensively the planning, automation and research competence in the sector, environmental consulting and competence related to energy and environmental services.

FCG’s international operations will continue as their own business area as will the ICT business.

Raija Helen (raija.helen a, Oct 16th 2009