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FCG’s Finland based operations are taken over by its subsidiaries

FCG further develops its operations by establishing subsidiaries which will be responsible for FCG’s Finland based business as of July 1, 2012.

The incorporation will be implemented in accordance with the present division of business operations. The subsidiaries will operate under the parent company, FCG Finnish Consulting Group Ltd. The Chief Executive Officer of the parent company is Mr Ari Kolehmainen, MSc (Admin).

The subsidiaries and their management as of July 1, 2012 are:

FCG International Ltd, business ID 247 4032-9, Managing Director Anette Vaini-Antila, MSc (Econ). FCG International Ltd operates globally, providing consultancy services and Finnish know-how in areas such as infrastructure, environment and natural resources management, governance, institutional development, as well as education and information society development. These operations are managed by FCG’s staff in Finland and local project teams.

FCG Training and Consulting Ltd, business ID 2474033-7, Managing Director Katrina Harjuhahto-Madetoja, MSc (Econ). FCG’s training and consulting services staff provide support to customers in regard to strategic issues and reshaping of structures, operating models and service concepts. Support is provided also for the development of leadership, competence and work communities. The Company’s service selection also includes the export of education. In this area, we work in close cooperation with universities and institutions of higher education, as well as with FCG International Ltd.

FCG Design and Technology Ltd, business ID 2474031-0, Managing Director Kim Jolkkonen, LicSc (Tech). This business consists of competence related to FCG's multisectoral expertise in community and infrastructure planning and environmental consulting.

FCG Knowledge Management Ltd, business ID 247 4027-3, Managing Director Ari Kolehmainen, MSc (Admin). FCG’s knowledge management services consist of services related to ICT systems, preparedness as well as measurement and analysis services for social and health care service providers. In addition, the company offers cross-sectoral ICT procurement consultancy services.

FCG’s projects presently underway will continue in the newly formed companies as of July 1, and FCG will be responsible for its commitments according to the contractual stipulations now in force. The present staff will continue their contracts with the new entities.

Customers and partners in cooperation will be notified of the incorporation and the required changes in company names and business IDs as the matter progresses.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

Best regards,
FCG Finnish Consulting Group Ltd

Ari Kolehmainen
Chief Executive Officer

Eeva Kokki (eeva.kokki a, Jul 3rd 2012