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FCG launches MAPGETS application platform

FCG launches MAPGETS application platform

FCG has published MAPGETS, a portal designed for the publication and distribution of city data.


The new portal utilizes 3D virtual reality technologies. It is targeted for application developers, city data provider and content creators as well as service providers and professionals utilizing city data in their sales and marketing.

Finland is a pioneer in 3D technologies and data modelling e.g. in construction business. The MAPGETS portal provides a browser-accessed 3D application platform, based on open source realXtend, for publishing, maintaining and utilizing the data.  The open data of built-up environments in cities and municipalities, both in Finland and globally, are gradually migrating from two-dimensional map illustrations to 3D city models and visualizations.

  • The MAPGETS portal was produced to promote digitalization, application development and productivity. The portal is a new application ecosystem utilizing not only 3D modelling and map data, but also service visualization and promotion. This creates entirely new ways of making business, says Anssi Savisalo, the "Digital Mind" at FCG.

MAPGETS portal uses globally known open source technologies and APIs. Development work is currently taking place in publicly funded projects, such as ITEA C3PO, RYMSHOK EUE, Oulu University and EU-FIWARE, as well as in the SMART project under the Building Information Group and in the SADe projects of the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities and the State administration. The portal has been in pilot use in the cities of Oulu and Espoo.

The MAPGETS portal is owned by FCG City Portal Oy, a company jointly established by FCG Finnish Consulting Group Oy and Adminotech Oy in June 2015.

Further information:
FCG City Portal Oy

Anssi Savisalo, anssi.savisalo a, puhelin  041 538 9353
Jari Marttinen, jari.marttinen a, puhelin  044 298 1979 


- For application developers, an open source based programming environment provides a platform for developing and publishing rich and multidimensional applications.

- For public and private data providers and content creators, the service provides an opportunity to publish open data based on multi-layered data, statistics and map data, which various service providers can utilise in their applications. The objective is to increase the amount of open data and its utilisation on a great extent for needs of the companies, research, development and individual citizens.

- For service providers, the portal with open APIs provides opportunities for diverse, location based sales and marketing. The novel 3D user interface will diversify distribution of service data allowing expansion of the customer base at the same time.

- For professionals, the portal provides efficient and easy-to-use tools from a single user interface to support their everyday work.

Eeva Kokki (eeva.kokki a, Aug 28th 2015