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The Appraisal for Upgrading the Rainfall, Storm and Lightning Detection Capabilities of National Hydro-Meteorological Service, Socialist Republic of Vietnam

The main objective of the Appraisal was to provide MFA with an independent review and analysis of the project for accountability and decision-making. The Appraisal Team conducted an assessment of the feasibility and sustainability of the project in accordance with the Finnish Development Cooperation Policy Programme 2012. The Team further analysed the viability of the investment and the eligibility of the proposed project to be funded through the Finnish Concessional Credit Scheme under the OECD terms. The Appraisal also examined the proposed project in the context of the policy environment of Vietnam and its compatibility with the sector strategies and plans of the country as well as with other government and donor initiatives in the hydro-meteorological sector in Vietnam.

Project details

Name of client Ministry for Foreign Affairs,finland
Location Vietnam
Start date 02/2014
Completion date 03/2014
Origin of funding Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finland
Name of partners -