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TA-9205 VIE - Ho Chi Minh City Wastewater and Drainage System Improvement Program

Ho Chi Minh City’s (HCMC) vulnerability to climate change exacerbates the need for a proper drainage and wastewater management in the city. Indeed, HCMC is one of the 10 cities in the world likely to face the early impacts of climate change. The projected sea-level rise of 100 cm by 2100 is alarming as 40 to 45% of the city’s central districts are within 100 cm above sea-level. By 2050, 12 out of 14 wastewater related facilities will be inundated in regular flood events. The city’s wastewater and drainage system needs to adopt measures against rising sea-level, uneven rainfall patterns and enhanced storm surges.

Project details

Name of client Asian Development Bank
Location Vietnam
Start date 03/2018
Completion date 03/2019
Origin of funding Asian Development Bank
Name of partners SCE (Lead)