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Final Evaluation of the Conservation Agriculture Scaling-Up (CASU) Project

The final evaluation of the CASU project was aimed at providing accountability on outputs and outcomes achieved to date, and also at providing learning for future interventions. Based on the analysis, the evaluation drew specific conclusions and formulated recommendations for further action by the Government, FAO and/or other parties to ensure sustainable development, including any need for follow-up actions. The main audiences of the evaluation to which the findings and recommendations were presented were the FAO Project Management Team, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) of Zambia, the European Union, and other relevant stakeholders. FCG provided the Evaluation Specialist to lead the project evaluation.

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Project details

Name of client Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN
Location Zambia
Start date 02/2018
Completion date 06/2018
Origin of funding FAO
Name of partners -