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Finland's Support to the Education Sector in Mozambique 2003-2005; Support to INDE 2006-2010

The present programme approach has combined the two sub-sectoral support modalities (primary and agricultural education) into one package that ultimately aims to develop a sector wide approach as the main outcome by the end of the three-year period. This phase of the programme consists of three components: 1) Support to INDE, 2) Support to Maputo Province ESSP (mainly school construction) and 3) Support to the Agricultural College in Chimoio (IAC). The overall objective of the Programme was an improved level of education and training of the people of Mozambique. The purpose was to support increased access to primary education in Maputo Province, improvement of the quality of primary education nationwide, and development of agricultural training in Mozambique.

Project details

Name of client Government of Mozambique
Location Mozambique
Start date 01/2003
Completion date 06/2011
Origin of funding Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland
Name of partners Plancenter (now part of FCG) & Orgut Consulting in first phase, from 2006 - FCG only