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Identification and Formulation of the Municipal Administration Modernisation Project in Syria, EU Framework Contract AMS/451, LOT No 2

The overall objective of the project was to contribute towards the improvement of the quality of life at the urban centres especially of women and the urban poor through the improvement of good urban governance and management. The project contributed to the above objective by: developing a national urban strategy; developing legislation modernised and devolution plan; improving the capacity of the local administrations to deliver good and affordable services and to manage the local administrations; increasing the absorption and implementation capacity of investment projects; improving the business environment; and establishing links with European cities and dissemination system of best practice.
Lack on integrated planning and insufficient laws were causing significant damages to the environment thus deteriorating the standard of life of the city dwellers. The consultants proposed how to develop and improve local-level planning and general town planning including strategic planning at all levels.

Project details

Name of client European Commission LOT 2
Location Syria
Start date 09/2003
Completion date 01/2004
Origin of funding European Commission
Name of partners Chemonics Syria