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Support for implementation of Small-Scale Infrastructure projects, EU Framework Contract AMS/451, LOT 2:

The tasks of FCG were as follows:
-review the technical documents prepared by the local consultants of the grant beneficiaries and provide recommendations to the grant beneficiaries on the accuracy and correctness of the technical design, detailed drawings, other relevant studies (such as geo-topographic studies, EIA)
-review the tender dossiers for works contracts, prepared following the Romanian procurement rules drafted and submitted by the grant beneficiaries, providing recommendations on the accuracy of the submissions prior to the tender launch and approval by the MEI and EC Delegation
-support MEI, RDAs and grant beneficiaries by providing the adequate training with the process of establishing and implementing the monitoring of the small-scale infrastructure projects through the establishment of Project Implementation Units (PIUs)

Project details

Name of client Ministry of European Integration, Romania/European Commission LOT 2
Location Romania
Start date 04/2005
Completion date 12/2005
Origin of funding European Commission LOT 2
Name of partners Interdevelopment, Romania