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Technical Assistance to the ISPA Implementing Agency, Lithuania

(a) Preparation of TOR and requests for proposals for feasibility studies, design and preparation
of bidding documents, and construction supervision.
(b) Guidance for the ISPA IA in revision of feasibility studies, design and procurement, and
construction supervision.
(c) Evaluation of Feasibility studies, project appraisal and obtaining financing institution
clearance, where appropriate.
(d) Evaluation of Bidding Documents and obtaining financing agency clearance where
(e) Evaluation of contractors' Bids and obtaining financing agency clearance where
(f) Follow up of construction and clearance of disbursement.
(g) All procurement and disbursement clearance activities connected to above activities.
(h) Support to ISPA-IA in project management.
(i) On-the-job training of ISPA-IA staff.
(j) Liaison with similar agencies in the other Baltic States.

Project details

Name of client ISPA Implementing Agency
Location Lithuania
Start date 07/2003
Completion date 08/2004
Origin of funding ISPA Implementing Agency - Lithuania
Name of partners -