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Joint Reference - Phase I - DWAF/DIDC Community Development Program, Phase II – Limpopo Agricultural Development Programme 2001-2005

Phase I Objective: The overall objectives were to improve the quality of people's life and to reduce environmental degradation through community forestry in the Northern Province. The Project aimed to assist target communities to enhance reforestation and all other activities related to trees and forestry. Development of replicable community forestry models, based on people's needs were a central project task. Sustainable re- and afforestation practices, people-oriented management of Bushveld with suitable combination of agriculture and animal husbandry had a key role in community forestry. In practice, most of the activities were primarily associated with agricultural and rural development, as these were found to be most important for local people’s livelihoods.

Phase II Objective: To enhance the living conditions of low-income households in rural and peri-urban communities in Limpopo Province, via enhanced sustainable income generating activities of smallholder farmers using integrated natural resource management techniques. The project aims to develop and strengthen the capabilities of the people/communities themselves so that they can cope with their problems and needs through District and community-based development actions and capacity building processes. The activities are defined and prioritised by local actors (people and their organisations) through a participatory planning and decision-making process.

Project details

Name of client
Location Sub-Saharan Africa
Completion date 04/2006
Origin of funding Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland