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Suurpelto City Plan

Along Ring road II in Espoo, a new kind of a park city, Suurpelto, is being constructed. The city and nature combine to form a unique system: of the 325 hectares of the area, 89 hectares have been reserved for parks and green areas. An extensive central park with forests is also located nearby.

The entire 325 hectares of Suurpelto area will have 1 million floor square metres of building rights. There are altogether seven planning zones, and a city plan has currently been ratified for the first two of them only. Suurpelto's assets are its excellent location along convenient main traffic routes, the vicinity of Tapiola, Otaniemi and Keilaniemi, and a short distance to the Helsinki city centre.

Apartments are being built in the area, and the launching of service and business premises construction is being planned. The first day-care centre is in operation, and project planning for the Learning Hill School is underway.

The plans drafted for the park city enable, and promote, thousands of inhabitants, workplaces and services to settle in Suurpelto. The area will be built, and expanded, over a period of 15 years. This is one of the most significant development and construction projects in the Helsinki region this millennium.

The ratified city plans are situated in areas I and II, where construction work is currently underway.

The city plans for areas IV and V are in progress and planned to become effective during 2012. The zoning work for area III has been launched and is currently in the planning and assessment phase. The areas on the other side of Ring II will be processed last.
FCG prepared City Master plan, tram rail engineering, street- and municipal infrastructure design and engineering, structural engineering services

Project details

Name of client City of Espoo
Location Finland
Start date 01/2008
Completion date 03/2010
Origin of funding City of Espoo
Name of partners -