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Incentivizing the Market – Linking Women and the Private Sector: A Human Rights Based Approach

The development objective of this study is two-fold: (i) learn, understand and document approaches that have a positive or negative impact on the rights of women to decent work, increased social choice, voice and improved livelihoods through in-depth analysis of private sector and women farmer/employee linkages; and (ii) develop best practices of win-win situations for effective and evidence-based strategies and modalities for linking women farmers and the agribusiness sector, based on Zambia case studies. The overall aim of the study is to provide policy advice to the World Bank on how to operate with the private sector so that at the same time it supports women’s meaningful participation, economic empowerment and thereby gender equality and HRBA in agriculture-based interventions

Project details

Name of client The World Bank
Location Sub-Saharan Africa, Zambia
Start date 04/2013
Completion date 08/2014
Origin of funding World Bank
Name of partners -