FCG – Working for well-being

FCG is a strong company, which is rooted in the reconstruction of the Finnish society and extensive experience in international development around the globe. FCG provides its customers with consultation, training, multi-field infrastructural, environmental and urban design and software business services both domestically and abroad.

FCG’s strength is based on extensive, continuously evolving expertise and the ability to operate in and adapt to a constantly changing environment, as well as competent personnel, who operate according to FCG’s core values and ethical principles. It is essential, now and in the future, that FCG’s operations observe goals set for the advancement of sustainable development.

In addition to Finland, FCG also has extensive international operations and we operate worldwide. FCG has subsidiaries in Sweden, Romania, Bulgaria, New Zealand and Singapore. FCG’s owner is Kuntaliitto Holding Ltd.


Universal access to education is a goal wholeheartedly supported by FCG InternationalRead more
FCG Finnish Consulting Group has been selected to represent the owner in the energy producer Neoen’s Hedet wind farm project in Närpes in western Finland. Planned to be operational next year, the wind farm will produce wind power for Google’s service centre in Hamina in southern Finland. Read more
FCG provides a wind farm with owner’s engineer services in western Finland – the farm produces energy for Google
Timor Leste’s capital city Dili, like many cities in Asia, lacks a modern system for solid waste collection and disposal. A number of private truck operators collect the waste from open and often overflowing containers, and haul it to a dumpsite in Tibar that is operated with very few environmental protection measures. A significant amount of the waste remains uncollected, either being illegally dumped or burnt within residential areas. Some of the garbage is discarded in the drainage system, causing flooding or ending up in the ocean. Heavy smoke emanates from the dumpsite as parts of it are perpetually in fire due to waste pickers attempting to salvage valuable materials from the waste by burning it.Read more
FCG Modernizing Solid Waste Management in Timor Leste