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FCG's top executives visiting Nepal

Ari Kolehmainen (Managing Director of FCG) and Timo Kietäväinen (Deputy Managing Director of Kuntaliitto – the Association of Local and Regional Authorities; and Deputy Chairman of FCG Board) accompanied Pamela White of FCG International to Nepal. They visited the Rural Village Water Resources Management Project (RVWRMP) in far west Nepal, as well as Kathmandu. It was the first chance for both of them to visit the field level activities in Nepal, where FCG (and its member company Plancenter) have worked continuously on water projects since the 1980s).

They were able to see activities such as rural water supply, sanitation, home gardens, commercial vegetable production and support for local government capacity development. Both were very impressed with the positive responses from the community members, regarding positive changes such as dramatic decreases in water borne diseases, time saved in collecting water, improved nutrition and increased incomes. Timo commented that “even though I had read reports and heard about the project earlier, it was a different thing to see it with my own eyes and listen to the feedback from villagers and government staff. It is clear that development here is really working.”

Nepal 04 2015

Photos: Pamela White

Aija Niskanen (aija.niskanen a, 14.4.2015

FCG's top executives visiting Nepal