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Successful Finnish development cooperation!

Successful Finnish development cooperation!

Drinking water, toilets, electricity and irrigation for hundreds of thousands of people in Nepal

In the past five years of implementation of the Rural Village Water Resources Management Project (RVWRMP), Phase II, in Nepal, we have facilitated drinking water for 144,000 people, toilets for 312,000, electricity for 37,000, irrigation for 27,000 and home gardens for 177,000 people in very difficult and remote conditions, where the distance to the road is measured many times in days rather than in hours. The targets of project document were exceeded by some 35 %.


The project is funded by the Governments of Finland and Nepal and implemented by the team of FCG International Ltd.


FCG has worked in Nepal since the 1980s in several water and sanitation projects, and have facilitated water provision to about 1,2 million people!

Aija Niskanen (aija.niskanen a, 8.9.2015