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FCG Modernizing Solid Waste Management in Timor Leste

FCG Modernizing Solid Waste Management in Timor Leste

Timor Leste’s capital city Dili, like many cities in Asia, lacks a modern system for solid waste collection and disposal. A number of private truck operators collect the waste from open and often overflowing containers, and haul it to a dumpsite in Tibar that is operated with very few environmental protection measures. A significant amount of the waste remains uncollected, either being illegally dumped or burnt within residential areas. Some of the garbage is discarded in the drainage system, causing flooding or ending up in the ocean. Heavy smoke emanates from the dumpsite as parts of it are perpetually in fire due to waste pickers attempting to salvage valuable materials from the waste by burning it.

The Government of Timor Leste, supported by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), has designed a project to modernize the waste collection system and rebuilt the dumpsite as a controlled landfill. Both the waste collection and landfill remediation and operation will be contracted to private service providers, with the investment entirely financed by the Government. FCG’s role in the Project is to support the Government and Dili Municipality as a Transaction Advisor, supporting the bidding process and selection of qualified service providers for both waste collection and landfill contracts. FCG will also assist in optimizing the collection network and preparing the specifications for bins, collection truck fleet and other equipment to be purchased by the Government.


As of end of August 2018, FCG’s team of experts has commenced work in Dili, consulting the Government and charting out the steps required for successfully conducting the transactions. FCG’s engagement is expected to continue until December 2019, and ultimately contribute to improved public health and safety and the environmental amenity of Timor Leste’s capital city, making it an increasingly attractive place for residents and visitors alike.

Photos: Right: FCG Team Leader Stephen Wermert (right) visiting the landfill 

Below: Cattle and waste pickers at Tibar dumpsite

Photo Cattle And Waste Pickers At Tibar Dumps


Photo Truck Hauling Waste To Tibar Dumpsite

Photo above: Truck hauling waste to Tibar dumpsite

For further information, please contact Samuli Leminen at FCG Asia (samuli.leminen a; Tel. +65 9639 0540)

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