FCG has the most wide-ranging and extensive experience in the field of municipal strategy and programme work. We design the strategy process from the beginning of its implementation to the more accurate flow of its implementation with the customer. In addition to the entire strategy process, we support the municipalities during the various phases with strategy workshops and thematic seminars, as well as helping to monitor and assess the implementation of the strategy. 

According to the Local Government Act, the municipal councils define a municipal strategy for deciding on the long-term objectives of the municipality’s activities and finances. Every municipality can decide for itself on the form that its strategy takes, but the act lists the themes that must be taken into account:

  1. Promotion of the wellbeing of municipal inhabitants 
  2. Organisation and provision of services 
  3. Service targets set out in legislation on municipal activities 
  4. Ownership policy 
  5. Personnel policy 
  6. The possibility for municipal inhabitants to participate and have influence 
  7. Development of the vitality of living environments and areas

The strategy must also specify the principles for the assessment and monitoring of its implementation.  

The strategy is based on the current state of the municipality, and changes in the future environment and their impact on the implementation of municipal activities. The municipal strategy and its implementation programmes control the organisation and financing of service activities and allocation of resources. The municipal strategy guides the entire municipal group, including relevant steering effects, for the management of the different parts of the municipality. 

A clear strategy is essential for change. 

In support of implementation, municipalities often need cross-administrational strategy implementation programmes. The programmes are drawn up in line with the municipality strategy and will define the strategy at a more precise level, determining what is to be done in the different sectors or how to proceed regarding the various phenomena in the municipality. 

Our services 

  • Municipal strategy processes 
  • Workshops to support implementation of municipal strategy 
  • Monitoring and assessments of the implementation of strategy 
  • Forecasting and future-oriented workshops 
  • Action programmes and policies developed from municipal strategy 
    • Vitality and wellbeing programmes 
    • Ownership policy 
    • Participation programmes 
    • Financial balancing programmes 
    • Service programmes 
    • Personnel policy

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