FCG Group is divided into five business groups, each consisting of several areas of expertise or separate subsidiaries. 

  • Training 
  • Management and software 
  • Design and Engineering 
  • Digital solutions
  • Development consulting 

We serve the whole of Finland through our comprehensive regional office network. The group has subsidiaries in Sweden, Bulgaria, Germany, Singapore, New Zealand and Kenya. In addition, FCG has a representative office for project operations in Ecuador. FCG is owned by Kuntaliitto Holding Oy.  

Management Team

Mari Puoskari, Group CEO 
Päivi Allenius, Chief Marketing Officer
Elina Kaura, Chief Legal Officer
Sami Kangasharju, Head of Development Consulting business area
Seija Salminen, Chief Financial Officer  
Tarja Salonen, Head of Training business area
Pauli Santala, Head of Design and Engineering business area
Sami Miettinen, Head of Management and Strategy business area
Juho Toivonen, Chief Digital Officer
Matias Komulainen, Chief HR Officer

Board of Directors 

The following persons serve on the board of FCG Group: 

  • Minna Karhunen, chair of the board, CEO of the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities 
  • Hanna Tainio, deputy chair, deputy managing director of the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities 

Members of the board: 

  • Sari Kola, doctor of innovation and entrepreneur 
  • Timo Laitinen, State Treasury, director general 
  • Erkka Valkila, administrative professional 
  • Timo Lepistö, administrative professional
  • Jouko Seppä, CEO of Nice-business Consulting Oy
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