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Academic Training in Public Procurement


Public Financial Management, Good Governance and Public Administration

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SIPU annually provided academic training in Public Procurement in cooperation with the University of Stockholm. The training was the highest public procurement training available in Sweden. The trainings run over one year and blends lectures with web-based distance learning. The target groups were procurement officers with experience in public procurement and salespersons targeting public customers. The education must have been ordered and paid by an organisation (company, agency or equivalent).

The course extended over two semesters. After completion of training the trainees were fully proficient in handling all practical procurement issues – from needs identification, specifications, bid invitation and evaluation until a final contract. Trainees were also competent to handle appeals, dispute resolution and compensation. Examination consisted of memorandums, home exams, and written and oral presentations of the project work. Approved training provided 30 university credits.

The Swedish Authorized Training Companies, SAUF, certified that the quality system of SIPU was audited and in conformity with the requirements of established quality standards.

The following practical steps were included in the training:

  • Buying from the public
  • Selling to the public
  • Procurement – from concept to contract.
  • Negotiations
  • Procurement Ethics
  • Contract Terms
  • Dispute Solutions
  • Procurement specifications
  • Qualification, Tender Evaluation
  • Publicity and Privacy
  • Appeals
  • Damages
  • The legal framework
  • Project work