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AEMD 23: Ranked call off: Consultancy for providing monitoring and advisory services for the Institutional Capacity Building of AMBU Project, Albania


Water Sector Services, Monitoring and Evaluation, Natural Resource Management

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In 2012, Sida decided to provide 35 MSEK to the Water Resources and Irrigation Project (WRIP) in Albania. The project was executed by the Albanian government and co-funded by the World Bank, with a total budget of around 350 MSEK out of which an IBRD loan constituted the main part. The Swedish support focussed on the development of a water resource management strategy, preparation of two river basin management plans and setting up of a water cadastre. These outputs were  finalized with some additional funding and the project ended in 2020.

As a continuation of the WRIP intervention, and in support to a decade-long institutional reform process for water resource management that had been initiated by the Government of Albania, a new project with Swedish support was developed and agreed. The reform had most notably included the establishment of the Water Resource Management Agency (AMBU), and the new project was meant to strengthen the capacity of this new institution. The implementation of the new project started in 2021 and is expected to be finalised by the end of 2024. It aims at supporting the development of AMBU into a modern, fully functioning, effective and efficient institution able to fulfil is current legal functions, tasks and responsibilities.